Dishwasher Not Cleaning Dishes? It Might Be Time to Clean it

Dishwasher Not Cleaning Dishes? It Might Be Time to Clean it

Nothing is more frustrating than a dishwasher that does not wash the dishes. In some cases, the dishwasher is a newer unit and is still not cleaning the dishes. In fact, 15 percent of new dishwashers break within the first two years. Of these dishwashers that fail,…

10 Health Benefits of Golf (Some May Surprise You!)

10 Health Benefits of Golf (Some May Surprise You!)

Are you trying to lose those last 10 pounds? Did you receive news from the doctor that you need to focus more on heart health?

Healthy Eating Tips 101

Healthy Eating Tips 101

So you have stocked up on organic food and are ready to change your life for the better. Things can be a little daunting at this point, but don’t worry, healthy nutrition is easier than it sounds. A lot of people believe that strict diets, counting calories and depriving yourself of your favourite foods is the only way to do things. They are wrong!

Healthy eating is the key here and to assist you in changing to a diet that suits you and your lifestyle, here are some tips to get you going:

• Plan: 

Yes, you cannot just dive in, reading diets and hoping that you are doing things right. Stop counting everything and think of your food in terms of colour, variety and fresh ingredients. Give yourself a certain amount of time to change to your new diet and then slowly continue to change your regular routine until the new one is in place.

• Don’t eliminate: 

Eliminating the foods that you love can almost be seen as a punishment for many and is also the most common reason behind cheating on your diet. The solution is simple – smaller portions. This will allow you to enjoy your favourite treats, but will also allow you to easily cut down on the unhealthy results that they can result in.

• Eating habits are important:

Just because you have changed the food on your plate, doesn’t mean that you have been successful in changing to a healthy lifestyle. Your habits at meal times also need to adapt. Try and eat with other people instead of in front of a TV or computer as this can cause mindless over-eating. Eat slower and chew your food properly, this will allow you to avoid over eating as you will give your body time to tell you when it is full. Eat breakfast and rather go for smaller meals throughout the day instead of the prehistoric method of eating three large meals per day.

• Remember your fruits and vegetables: 

Try and vary the types of fruits and vegetables you eat and make sure they make an appearance on your plate daily. The brighter the colours the better, as not only does it make your meals look more appetising, but they also contain the wide range of healthy nutrients which your body needs.

Congratulations for taking the first step towards healthy nutrition – now have fun with it!

5 Effective Yoga Poses for Back Pain

5 Effective Yoga Poses for Back Pain

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Halloween Party Games and Craft Ideas For Children

Halloween Party Games and Craft Ideas For Children

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Extreme Water Sports That Will Get Your Adrenaline Pumping

Extreme Water Sports That Will Get Your Adrenaline Pumping

Your palms are sweaty, your heart is racing, and you can barely contain your excitement. And no, it’s not because you’re about to graduate, get married, or take part in some other life-changing event, It’s because you’re about to engage in some adrenaline-pumping activity that makes others label you as “completely crazy.”

If this sounds like you, then you’re a certifiable adrenaline junkie.

We can’t blame you for your addiction to chasing that rush of excitement. In fact, researchers know that to some extent, biology plays a role in whether or not you are a born thrill-seeker.

So, instead of questioning your daredevil attitude, we’re here to fuel it. And what better way to fuel it than with extreme water sports.

Extreme water sports are perfect for any adrenaline junkie who’s looking to take their land adventures to the sea.

Keep reading to learn about the best water sports to get your adrenaline pumping.

1. Swimming With Whale Sharks

Swimming with sharks? There’s no way you’ll get out of that one alive, right?

Wrong. If you know anything about whale sharks, then you know that they’re some of the tamest sea creatures around.

Nonetheless, swimming with these massive creatures can be an adrenaline-pumping experience.

2. Free-Diving

Many people who are looking for an underwater thrill turn to scuba-diving or snorkeling to get their fix.

While these activities are certainly wonderful, they may be a bit too tame for the hardcore thrill seekers.

If you’re looking to kick it up a notch, you’ll definitely want to look into free diving. With free diving, you take a big breath, dive in, and go as deep as you can.

While it sounds simple, it can actually be quite dangerous, and you’ll definitely need training beforehand.

3. Cliff Jumping

Looking to combine the thrill of being in the water with the thrill of heights?

If so, then cliff jumping might be for you.

You can practice cliff jumping just about anywhere you can find a ledge and a deep enough body of water to jump in. Even better, you don’t need any special equipment. If you’ve mental strength, an excellent physical fitness level, and some acrobatic skills, then you’re good to go.

4. Big Wave Surfing

We can’t talk about extreme water sports without talking about big wave surfing.

A big wave is any wave that’s over 20 ft high. If you’re already a comfortable surfer, then hitting a big wave might be adrenaline rush you need. California, Australia, and Hawaii are all good places to hunt for massive waves.

5. Cave Diving

If exploring the deepest depths of the ocean excites you, then cave diving is definitely an extreme water sport worth looking into.

Unlike learning how to scuba dive, which is extremely safe, learning to cave dive is rather risky. Your lights could go out, you could run out of the air, get trapped or get lost. Plus, the deeper you go, the hard it is to get back.

However, great rewards await those who are daring enough to explore this hidden underwater paradise.

Extreme Water Sports: Wrap Up

Hopefully, just learning about these water sports already has your adrenaline pumping.

If you have any questions about these sports, be sure to drop a comment below!

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